Stand-Up Tile Showers

Custom Stand Up Showers South Jersey

Normally, the homeowner will choose and purchase the tile before any of the projects begin. If you need help in selecting your tile and grout color, no problem! We can assist you through the process. Since our cost varies depending on the project, we can provide an estimate if you contact us today!

Our Process:

For remodels, we assess and prepare the pre-slope of the sub-floor for the wet bed concrete mix.

We then install vinyl plumbing liner to waterproof the shower for leak prevention.

Next, we install the wet bed concrete mix to ensure proper drainage. This prevents stagnant water that no one wants in their shower.

We finish waterproofing of all required areas and then we’re ready to install the chosen tile and grout.

*If the project requires us to install a cement board on the walls, we’ll install that as well.