Tile Flooring for the Kitchen & Bath

Normally, the homeowner will choose and purchase the tile before any of the projects begin. If you need help in selecting your tile and grout color, no problem! We can assist you through the process. Since our cost varies depending on the project, we can provide an estimate if you contact us today!

Our Process:

  • For remodels of kitchen and bathroom flooring, our process includes removal of existing flooring and checking the quality of sub-flooring to determine if replacement is necessary.
  • Then, we will lay cement board for proper bonding of the newly installed tile.
  • After we finish the laying of the new tile, we finish the project by grouting with the chosen grout color.
  • If the project is a new construction, we follow nearly the same procedure as above, but can skip the laying of the cement board if the sub-floor is already cement.
  • Either type of project will leave you feeling completely satisfied with the results.